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Oil mixing instructions correctly

Date posted : 14:52:34 21-09-2016

Natural Essential oils are very powerful energy carrier, so know how to use essential oils, cabinets reasonable dispensing practices will improve the efficiency and safety when using essential oils

The dilution of pure natural essential oils will help us to properly use them safely as possible. Even with these oils have high safety, the best we should dilute them.
Dilute essential oils how doses will depend on the needs that you desire. Here, Mai Han we would suggest to you that you read some diluted essential oil formula is extremely useful.
   + 1% dilution: Dilution of 1% (1 droplet background / teaspoon, 5-6 drops / oz) for children under 6 years old, pregnant women, the elderly, people with sensitive skin, people have a weakened immune system or other health problems. If you want to massage the body, you can apply this recipe.
   + 2% dilution: Dilute 2% (2 drops of oil background / teaspoon; 10-12giot / oz), the ideal dose for adults. This is how the preparation for skin care, skin care every day.
   + 3% dilution: Dilution of 3% (3 droplet background / teaspoon; 15-18giot / oz), mixing only used for health problems such as temporary muscle injury or obstruction Respiratory. Dilution increased 10% as good, but it must depend on the age, health status, and each type of oil.
+ 25% dilution: Dilute 25% (25 droplet background / teaspoon; 125-150giot / oz). Sometimes recipes are made only when permission. Applying this formula when cramps, bruising, or severe injuries.
Use pure natural essential oils (neat), undiluted (undiluted): Lavender essential oil is one of the few oils can be used pure but depending on circumstances and the short-term use only. When the skin with the notes bite, burn or wound can use pure lavender essential oil. But that should be considered because there is some body have sensitive skin, can be burned when using essential oils. It is best to dilute them.
Always consider oil to be diluted before use. Should use the lowest dilution to ensure the safety and high efficiency.
In Vietnam we use the Metric system of measurement, so that the common unit of measurement that the majority of people who also know it's gram, kilogram, liter or ml, .... But apart from that, the unit also has "tps - teaspoon)," tbs - tablespoon) or "cup" ... So that we will implement the conversion system of measurement units for oil limits to help you read more convenient during the conversion.

+ Drops : drops
   + Dilution : mixing
   + EO : essential oil : essential oils
   + Carrier oil : oil platform
   + Tbs = tbsp : tablespoon : tablespoon
   + Tsp : teaspoon : tsp
   + 1tablespoon = 15 ml
   + 1teaspoon = 5 ml
   + 1 oz ( ounces ) = 28 grams
   + 1 cup = 250ml