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The essential oil distillation

Date posted : 15:01:12 21-09-2016

Essential oils have been produced around the world for hundreds of years all over in many different ways.

1. Soak:
This is the oldest method of producing oil, used for thousands of years. To create a herbal oil with the best quality, the kind of flowers like jasmine, rose, orange blossom is spread out on a tray line thinning layer of oil. The process that the oil becomes saturated with the scent is called "separation method flavoring", and only after many months of further additions, the new process works by using a solvent to remove the case aroma substances. This process is very laborious, meticulous and requires long time.
2. Distillation:
This is the main method to extract essential oils from plants. The type of plant essential oils contained in large vats and boiled under pressure. Reek containing oil is cooled and distilled to one or more times to concentrate the product.
Essential oils are produced correctly will retain full floral scent

3. Injection:
Essential oils orange, tangerine, grapefruit are extracted by this method. Simply crushed shells, parts contain the most oil drops. Molding method, it is possible to get full off of vegetable oil.
The extracts in this way will help you complete peace of mind choice and use of oil by natural and safe. The use of essential oils has always been a favorite. Besides relaxing the mind, when diluted with base oil, the solution will be a great therapeutic dose.
Oil mixed background - oil rubbed onto the body maintain balance and provide the necessary lubricant for massage hands move on the skin easily without being hindered by friction. In addition, due to the dilution, very permeable skin nutrients faster, go to the arteries and to the vital organs of the body, thereby effectively treated as desired. At the same time, the body was embalmed gentle fragrance.