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Properly preserved essential oils

Date posted : 14:59:35 21-09-2016

Essential oils are very vulnerable to change physical and chemical properties if we do not know the oil stored correctly .

Essential oils have a lot of use , widely used as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals . Therefore, there are a few essential oils available in the reserve is necessary . With its chemical and physical properties of different oils will be affected differently by preserving our way . Some essential oils are rapidly oxidized our activity will change rapidly over time. Oils of citrus , especially grapefruit , the fastest oxidation and begin to lose aroma and characteristics . However, some essential oils characteristics over time will increasing sandalwood and patchouli are some examples .

Although any type of oil does the stored properly will help us ensure the best quality essential oils . First , any kind of oil would always be stored in a cool place . Make sure the bottle lids , if oil can not evaporate . Also , when buying we should watch carefully as bottles filled with oil as possible because not charge as much inside as increased oxidation . Essential oils should be stored in a glass jar containing bottles amber oil , long wings and dark glass bottles . Because glass bottles dark oil will prevent the light into the bottle to prevent oil photochemical phenomenon . Should contain essential oils in glass bottles because over time oil will decompose plastic .

If oil diluted with base oil you can store it in plastic bottles. But the best is still glass and aluminum pure essential oils because it is not biodegradable or corrosion. Because of this, please pay attention when we store and buy oil. With the squeeze tube bottles with dripping, check to see if the plastic drip squeeze tubes should not buy for plastic pipes in oil solution over time will negatively affect on oil. With bottles with dripping button mounted above the note when the oil poured into the flooded we should not drip button.
Preservation principles as essential oils prevent air and light as possible. Besides heat and ignition sources also affect the oil. Ideally, your oil bottle is packaged in sealed paper box and cool place away from heat sources.